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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! And Happy Diwali!!

Back from Vacation and working on updates. Looks like there should be an update tomorrow. :)

I'll be mostly without a laptop on the dates above and will not be able to update and make edits. So send me screenshots, so when I get back, I'll be ready! :) :) .

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Newly added Appliances:

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Next Update? (estimate) -- Jan 22 (15 days) . Feb 7 (15 days) .

With the changes in Restaurant & Bakery regarding the goals, updates may take a little longer than expected. I also have some real-life things that are going on, please be patient :).

All Recipes have been added to the database!! If I'm missing something please let me know.

Incredibly helpful organized information with pictures for Bakery Story and Restaurant Story (those are the ones I view). Frequent updates are much appreciated. The design for the Restaurant Story parts list could use a little fixing, there are empty spaces that could be filled with the new ovens.
Gamerologizm database and websites are provided to the public for free. Nobody or entity is paying me for the work I do to keep this site up. All developments are done in my free time (what little there is between work, higher education, and family). If you find Gamerologizm useful, please consider contributing :) . Remember, I am only ONE person :).

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Jolly Roger Oven

Appliance - Jolly Roger Oven
Jolly Roger Oven
Appliance - Jolly Roger Oven
 TL Part knob
 TL Part Golden Knob R
 TL Part Crossbones Flag
 TL Part
knob, Golden Knob R, Crossbones Flag,
c: 37000 - RD: 2017-08-01 Goal

There are 3 recipes for this appliance.

Cajun Frog Legs
Cajun Frog Legs Recipe
Jolly Roger Oven
Appliance - Jolly Roger Oven
Req.Level: 0
RD: 2017-08-01
$ -330
x 250
2.00 hrs
56 XP
$ +1000
Jolly Roger Oven
Treasure Pheasant
Treasure Pheasant Recipe
Jolly Roger Oven
Appliance - Jolly Roger Oven
Req.Level: 0
RD: 2017-08-01
$ -490
x 400
4.00 hrs
65 XP
$ +1600
Jolly Roger Oven
Scurvy Turkey Leg
Scurvy Turkey Leg Recipe
Jolly Roger Oven
Appliance - Jolly Roger Oven
Req.Level: 0
RD: 2017-08-01
$ -580
x 500
5.00 hrs
68 XP
$ +2000
Jolly Roger Oven

Salad Station
Appliance - Salad Station
RD: 2014-09-03
rstr - See Details
Kids Kitchen Set
Appliance - Kids Kitchen Set
RD: 2015-02-04
rstr - See Details
Cabin Drink Maker
Appliance - Cabin Drink Maker
RD: 2017-01-20
rstr - See Details
Tart Fountain
Appliance - Tart Fountain
RD: 2015-06-10
rstr - See Details

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