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With the school year starting and older son having his first job, please bear with me on updates :) Appreciate all of you!

Updates will be delayed for at least a month.... hopefully. I've got some things going on with family and have an issue to deal with :/. Updates may also not be as clean, meaing that images may not look as great, as I'll have to edit fairly quickly.

Sorry, we're close to finished with the kitchen, but we're now dealing with some plumbing and car issues as well, so please bear with me :) I apologize for the updates and thank you again for the patience! :)

Sometimes, I don't complete goals as fast, so sending screenshots help to provide the information more quickly :)

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Maintenance/Currently Updating Maintenance/Currently Updating, the website is still functional. Intermittent Updates.
Maintenance/Currently Updating Maintenance/Currently Updating, some features may not be working while I update.
Maintenance/Currently Updating Intermittently unavailable / updates delayed.

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Newly added Appliances:

|| Dirndl Stove || Lederoven || Yellow Bus Oven || School Bus Stove || Superb Smoker || Gas Grill ||

Next Update? (estimate) -- Sep 23 (5 days) . Sep 28 (15 days) . Oct 14 (15 days) .

For the past couple of goal releases, my previous goal appliances and recipes are locked eventhough they were completed at time of Goal release dates. :(

Most recipes have been updated :)

Sorry, I'm removing neighbors today because I'm over 500 neighbors. Please add me back if you are active and I may have accidentally removed you :(


2018-10-10 18:02:03

I have been playing adventure type games for years, and was very frustrated and deleted apps on a regular basis once I felt I had either spent to much money or could not get any further in the game. One day, a "neighbor" in Dragon Story told me to look at the Supreme Dynasty website. I was skeptical because I had tried this type of website before and they were either not user friendly or more frustrating than helpful. After about 8 months of using this site, I have to say I am just as addicted to this site as I am to the games! I re-downloaded most of my games that this website supports and have been having so much fun playing them again. In short, Kim has created an excellent resource that is very user friendly and ANY company that hits her to build and maintain a company website, would be attaining an excellent asset that would surely pay off. I am a teacher, and if I could afford it, I would hire her to teach me, and other teachers web design like this to help student reach their college goals. There are endless ways to put Kims great skills to use. The supreme dynasty site is simply amazing. Thanks Sehana

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Gamerologizm databases and websites are provided to the public for free. Nobody or entity is paying me for the work I do to keep this site up. All developments are done in my free time (what little there is between work, higher education, and family). If you find Gamerologizm useful, please consider contributing :) . Remember, I am only ONE person :).
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Restaurant Name: SupremeDynasty (name of old website)

I don't tip often; mostly silent tipper.

Gifting: I try to gift when I can. More active around goals; I barely finish goals. I accept/send the 2nd appliance parts on the 2nd or 3rd day of the goal. Always accept requests. I try to gift the parts you need, but time is not always on my side. I need gifting neighbors.

Neighbors: I accept all friend requests, because I know how hard it can be finding neighbors that will accept people starting out. I also occasionally delete neighbors when neighbors reach 400+ and if it's been a while since activity; No real sure way of telling when though. Sometimes I accidentally delete good neighbors because of delays (or fat fingers :/ ), so I apologize. Definitely add me again!

Videos are done when I can for those who were asking :).

Blocking: Sometimes you may receive a message that you've been blocked. Please do not be alarmed or offended. I use the block feature to clear my wall and is only temporary. I unblock when I finish, but sometimes I forget to do that, so please forgive me!

Latest Video Jan 1, 2020

Restaurant & Bakery Visits Jan 1, 2020

Happy New Year!!!

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- For the past couple of goal releases, my previous goal appliances and recipes are locked eventhough they were completed at time of Goal release dates. :(
April - Unfortunately, no, can't currently do missed goals.
- Add me Sisiconti I’ll send you stuff
Eva Kastandi - Is there a way I can do missed goals?
Ngọc Khiết
Help - please tell me how to open water vending machine and all kinds of kitchen - food

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Parts List

List all appliances based on a part selected.

There are 447 Appliances parts.

Acorn Knob
Acorn Knob Part
Action Chef Hat
Action Chef Hat Part
advanced recipe
advanced recipe Part
Alpine Knob R
Alpine Knob R Part
Amore Knob
Amore Knob Part
Anchor Knob R
Anchor Knob R Part
Anchovy Knob
Anchovy Knob Part
antique candelabra
antique candelabra Part
antique clock
antique clock Part
antique glass
antique glass Part
antique knob
antique knob Part
antique sconce
antique sconce Part
antique tapestry
antique tapestry Part
Apple Knob
Apple Knob Part
Apple Pie Knob
Apple Pie Knob Part
aqua pilot
aqua pilot Part
arcane screw
arcane screw Part
art rack
art rack Part
artisanal rack
artisanal rack Part
associate degree
associate degree Part
bachelor degree
bachelor degree Part
bacon grease
bacon grease Part
bacon rose
bacon rose Part
bacon salt
bacon salt Part
baking tray
baking tray Part
Bamboo Sheet
Bamboo Sheet Part
barnyard knob
barnyard knob Part
barnyard oven manual
barnyard oven manual Part
barnyard spring
barnyard spring Part
barnyard stove manual
barnyard stove manual Part
basic grate
basic grate Part
basic recipe
basic recipe Part
Beach Bolt Nut
Beach Bolt Nut Part
beautiful bolt
beautiful bolt Part
Bee Knob
Bee Knob Part
Berry Seeds
Berry Seeds Part
Bib Tube
Bib Tube Part
Big Apple Gear
Big Apple Gear Part
Black Kettle
Black Kettle Part
blooming book
blooming book Part
blooming coil
blooming coil Part
blue bulb
blue bulb Part
blue burner
blue burner Part
blue light
blue light Part
blue mason jar
blue mason jar Part
Blue Ornament
Blue Ornament Part
Blue Rose Knob
Blue Rose Knob Part
bolt of rome
bolt of rome Part
boney bolt
boney bolt Part
boutique gear
boutique gear Part
braided cable
braided cable Part
Brass Diverter
Brass Diverter Part
bright button
bright button Part
bright spring
bright spring Part
brioche bulb
brioche bulb Part
Broiler Pan
Broiler Pan Part
brunch breaker
brunch breaker Part
Bubble Brackets
Bubble Brackets Part
Bunny Ears
Bunny Ears Part
bus dial
bus dial Part
bus gear
bus gear Part
cabinet handle
cabinet handle Part
cable of harvest
cable of harvest Part
Cactus Flower Knob
Cactus Flower Knob Part
cajun bolt
cajun bolt Part
cajun cord
cajun cord Part
cajun gear
cajun gear Part
cajun spring
cajun spring Part
Carrot Knob R
Carrot Knob R Part
celtic harp
celtic harp Part
Charcoal Part
chill reader
chill reader Part
chip tray
chip tray Part
Chocolate Cog
Chocolate Cog Part
Chopped Wood
Chopped Wood Part
christmas hinge
christmas hinge Part
chrome handle
chrome handle Part
Cinnamon Knob
Cinnamon Knob Part
classic white dial
classic white dial Part
clawed cog
clawed cog Part
clover plant
clover plant Part
clover sprout
clover sprout Part
cold bolt
cold bolt Part
cold coil
cold coil Part
Colored Plastic
Colored Plastic Part
Cooking Gloves
Cooking Gloves Part
cool coil
cool coil Part
cool shades
cool shades Part
cooler bolt screw
cooler bolt screw Part
Cooling Coil
Cooling Coil Part
country thermometer
country thermometer Part
crafty heater
crafty heater Part
Creaky Board
Creaky Board Part
Creepy Bolt
Creepy Bolt Part
creepy cog
creepy cog Part
Creepy Gear
Creepy Gear Part
crested penguin
crested penguin Part
Crossbones Flag
Crossbones Flag Part
Dark Bolt
Dark Bolt Part
delightful cookbook
delightful cookbook Part
delivery gear
delivery gear Part
delivery spring
delivery spring Part
doctorate degree
doctorate degree Part
Drain Pipe
Drain Pipe Part
Drip Pan
Drip Pan Part
Drum Part
emperor penguin
emperor penguin Part
enchanted pane
enchanted pane Part
end cable
end cable Part
expert recipe
expert recipe Part
extra exhaust
extra exhaust Part
fabulous fuse
fabulous fuse Part
fairground cooler manual
fairground cooler manual Part
fairground frier book
fairground frier book Part
fall coil
fall coil Part
fall leaf
fall leaf Part
Family Fork
Family Fork Part
Family Spoon
Family Spoon Part
Fang Knob
Fang Knob Part
Feather Fan Knob
Feather Fan Knob Part
Festival Lantern
Festival Lantern Part
festival wires
festival wires Part
Fey Extract
Fey Extract Part
field bulb
field bulb Part
Fiery Fuse
Fiery Fuse Part
film reel
film reel Part
fine oven bolt
fine oven bolt Part
fine oven hinge
fine oven hinge Part
fine stove nut
fine stove nut Part
fine stove screw
fine stove screw Part
firecracker bolt
firecracker bolt Part
firecracker dial
firecracker dial Part
firecracker gear
firecracker gear Part
firecracker spark
firecracker spark Part
flower dendrobium
flower dendrobium Part
flower epacris impressa
flower epacris impressa Part
flower swainsona formosa
flower swainsona formosa Part
flower westringa
flower westringa Part
fluid dynamics manual
fluid dynamics manual Part
Fondue Fork
Fondue Fork Part
free range grill manual
free range grill manual Part
free range stove manual
free range stove manual Part
freedom gear
freedom gear Part
freedom screw
freedom screw Part
french blue letter
french blue letter Part
french shopping bag
french shopping bag Part
fresh bolt
fresh bolt Part
frier gear
frier gear Part
Frozen Fuses
Frozen Fuses Part
frozen screw
frozen screw Part
fry reader
fry reader Part
Fuse Part
G Clef Note
G Clef Note Part
garden bulb
garden bulb Part
garden can
garden can Part
Garden Rake
Garden Rake Part
gardening gloves2
gardening gloves2 Part
gas gauge
gas gauge Part
gas hose
gas hose Part
gear Part
ghost phantom
ghost phantom Part
ghost spectre
ghost spectre Part
ghost spirit
ghost spirit Part
ghost wraith
ghost wraith Part
gilded gear
gilded gear Part
Glass Heart
Glass Heart Part
glow plate
glow plate Part
glow tubes
glow tubes Part
glowing gear
glowing gear Part
glowing heater
glowing heater Part
Gold Spring
Gold Spring Part
golden harp
golden harp Part
Golden Knob R
Golden Knob R Part
Golden Screw
Golden Screw Part
Golden Stake
Golden Stake Part
grateful gears
grateful gears Part
grateful instructions
grateful instructions Part
Greek Knob R
Greek Knob R Part
green knob
green knob Part
green light bulb
green light bulb Part
Green Lights
Green Lights Part
green mason jar
green mason jar Part
Green Nozzle
Green Nozzle Part
green pilot light
green pilot light Part
Grill Gear
Grill Gear Part
grill hinge
grill hinge Part
grill reader
grill reader Part
grinder dial
grinder dial Part
handy handle
handy handle Part
handy heart
handy heart Part
Harvest Scythe
Harvest Scythe Part
harvest wingnut
harvest wingnut Part
Harvest Wreath
Harvest Wreath Part
Haunted Knob
Haunted Knob Part
hawaiian switch
hawaiian switch Part
headless scarecrow
headless scarecrow Part
Healthy Knob
Healthy Knob Part
heart dial
heart dial Part
Heart Element
Heart Element Part
Heart Knob
Heart Knob Part
heart knob 2020
heart knob 2020 Part
hoagie hinge
hoagie hinge Part
Holly Mistletoe
Holly Mistletoe Part
Holly Screwdriver
Holly Screwdriver Part
Honey Pot Knob
Honey Pot Knob Part
hot manuscript
hot manuscript Part
hot wires
hot wires Part
Humble Hammer
Humble Hammer Part
Ice Part
Ice Blue Flame
Ice Blue Flame Part
Icicle Part
icy gear
icy gear Part
Ink Part
Instant Fire
Instant Fire Part
intermediate recipe
intermediate recipe Part
intrepid igniter
intrepid igniter Part
Iron Press
Iron Press Part
island bolt
island bolt Part
Jade Part
Juice Grinder
Juice Grinder Part
July Knob
July Knob Part
kaiser cable
kaiser cable Part
king penguin
king penguin Part
knob Part
Land Coil
Land Coil Part
Lasso Knob
Lasso Knob Part
ledercable Part
Lemons Part
leprechaun hinge
leprechaun hinge Part
Lifeguard Whistle
Lifeguard Whistle Part
lovely display
lovely display Part
lovely notes
lovely notes Part
luau checklist
luau checklist Part
luau instructions
luau instructions Part
lucky dial
lucky dial Part
magic hammer
magic hammer Part
Magic Moss
Magic Moss Part
magic snowball
magic snowball Part
magic spring
magic spring Part
magic stone hinge
magic stone hinge Part
Magical Brick
Magical Brick Part
Magical Wood
Magical Wood Part
makers screw
makers screw Part
Mallet Part
Marine Knob
Marine Knob Part
Masala Seal
Masala Seal Part
Mask Mardi
Mask Mardi Part
master degree
master degree Part
Mcintosh Knob
Mcintosh Knob Part
Melon Seeds
Melon Seeds Part
merry light
merry light Part
merry screwdriver
merry screwdriver Part
metal sheet
metal sheet Part
midnight bolt
midnight bolt Part
midnight decal
midnight decal Part
midnight hotplate
midnight hotplate Part
midnight knob
midnight knob Part
Mixing Tool
Mixing Tool Part
Moon Knob
Moon Knob Part
Moon Knob R
Moon Knob R Part
Mossy Rock
Mossy Rock Part
Motor Part
neat blue knob
neat blue knob Part
new knob
new knob Part
No Parts
No Parts Part
Nori Press
Nori Press Part
november nut
november nut Part
nozzle Part
obsidian heater
obsidian heater Part
old files
old files Part
old switch
old switch Part
ominous gear
ominous gear Part
Orange Steel
Orange Steel Part
Origami Paper
Origami Paper Part
Ornament Ball Knob
Ornament Ball Knob Part
oven kindling
oven kindling Part
paint Part
Paint Brush
Paint Brush Part
Painted Egg
Painted Egg Part
parisian pink letter
parisian pink letter Part
parisian shopping bag
parisian shopping bag Part
Pastel Paints
Pastel Paints Part
Pastels Part
patricks plug
patricks plug Part
penguin treat
penguin treat Part
permafrost plug
permafrost plug Part
Peso Part
petal cable
petal cable Part
Picnic Basket
Picnic Basket Part
picnic bulb
picnic bulb Part
picnic gear
picnic gear Part
picnic knob
picnic knob Part
picnic screw
picnic screw Part
Piece of Foil
Piece of Foil Part
Pink Heart Knob
Pink Heart Knob Part
Pizza Stone
Pizza Stone Part
pizza timer
pizza timer Part
plaid knob
plaid knob Part
plaid screw
plaid screw Part
plum nozzle
plum nozzle Part
Pocket Watch
Pocket Watch Part
pre bacon
pre bacon Part
pretty bulb
pretty bulb Part
pretty paint
pretty paint Part
pump kin
pump kin Part
pumpkin heads
pumpkin heads Part
pumpkin light
pumpkin light Part
pumpkin spice blend recipe
pumpkin spice blend recipe Part
pumpkin spice recipe
pumpkin spice recipe Part
Purple Knob
Purple Knob Part
purple mason jar
purple mason jar Part
purple oven knob
purple oven knob Part
quaint booklet
quaint booklet Part
quaint manual
quaint manual Part
quickstarter Part
Racing Stripe Knob
Racing Stripe Knob Part
rag Part
Rain Bolt
Rain Bolt Part
range brochure manual
range brochure manual Part
red coil
red coil Part
Red Gear
Red Gear Part
Red Knob
Red Knob Part
red lights
red lights Part
red mason jar
red mason jar Part
Red Ornament
Red Ornament Part
Red Ribbon
Red Ribbon Part
reel cord
reel cord Part
reel hinge
reel hinge Part
reel inductor
reel inductor Part
reel screw
reel screw Part
repair kit
repair kit Part
repair screwdriver
repair screwdriver Part
Restaurant Gems
Restaurant Gems Part
retro cord
retro cord Part
rigged radiator
rigged radiator Part
road light
road light Part
rock Part
roman heater
roman heater Part
Romance Ribbon
Romance Ribbon Part
rome bolt
rome bolt Part
root beer fuse
root beer fuse Part
root beer gear
root beer gear Part
root beer party invite
root beer party invite Part
root beer token
root beer token Part
Rose Part
Rose Knob
Rose Knob Part
Rotisserie Spring
Rotisserie Spring Part
route 1 cog
route 1 cog Part
route 1 guide
route 1 guide Part
runic stone
runic stone Part
rustic hinge
rustic hinge Part
Sale Tag
Sale Tag Part
Sand Brick
Sand Brick Part
Sandwich Tray
Sandwich Tray Part
Santas Hat
Santas Hat Part
Sapphire Part
Sauce Bottle
Sauce Bottle Part
scarecrow Part
school cord
school cord Part
Screw Part
Sea Coil
Sea Coil Part
seashell bolt
seashell bolt Part
seashell dial
seashell dial Part
seashell spring
seashell spring Part
seashell washer
seashell washer Part
seed packet
seed packet Part
Shamrock Part
Shared Screwdriver
Shared Screwdriver Part
shining glass
shining glass Part
Shiny Bubbles
Shiny Bubbles Part
shiny gear
shiny gear Part
Show Tickets
Show Tickets Part
simple spring
simple spring Part
simple twist gear
simple twist gear Part
Skillet Screw
Skillet Screw Part
Sky Knob
Sky Knob Part
Smoke Screw
Smoke Screw Part
Snowflake Part
solar stove manual
solar stove manual Part
space spring
space spring Part
Spanish Knob
Spanish Knob Part
sparkling panel
sparkling panel Part
sparkling screw
sparkling screw Part
spider light
spider light Part
spooky tree
spooky tree Part
spring Part
Spring Bloom
Spring Bloom Part
Spring Leaf
Spring Leaf Part
spring nut
spring nut Part
springtime chip
springtime chip Part
springtime coil
springtime coil Part
stable screw
stable screw Part
Stainless Steel Screw
Stainless Steel Screw Part
Star Dust
Star Dust Part
Star Knob
Star Knob Part
Steel Part
steel block
steel block Part
stone glow screw
stone glow screw Part
stop light
stop light Part
Stormy Knob
Stormy Knob Part
Strawberry Seeds
Strawberry Seeds Part
Sturdy Wood
Sturdy Wood Part
Sugar Knob R
Sugar Knob R Part
sun bolt screw
sun bolt screw Part
sun gear
sun gear Part
Sun Knob
Sun Knob Part
sunscreen Part
support fastener
support fastener Part
sweater circuit
sweater circuit Part
Swedish Flag
Swedish Flag Part
teal knob
teal knob Part
Temp Control
Temp Control Part
Temperature Regulator
Temperature Regulator Part
Tempered Glass
Tempered Glass Part
thankful bulb
thankful bulb Part
threaded cable
threaded cable Part
toasty light
toasty light Part
Toy Nut and Bolt
Toy Nut and Bolt Part
traditional hinge
traditional hinge Part
tuscany bulb
tuscany bulb Part
Twig Crown
Twig Crown Part
valentines fastener
valentines fastener Part
Vial Knob
Vial Knob Part
Wagon Wheel R
Wagon Wheel R Part
Water Park Tickets
Water Park Tickets Part
whimsical wingnut
whimsical wingnut Part
White Brick
White Brick Part
white painted screw
white painted screw Part
White Spring
White Spring Part
Wicked Wrench
Wicked Wrench Part
winter bolt
winter bolt Part
Winter Handle
Winter Handle Part
Wiring Part
wonder gear
wonder gear Part
wonder hammer
wonder hammer Part
wonder spanner
wonder spanner Part
Wood Glue
Wood Glue Part
wooden hinge
wooden hinge Part
Ye Olde Knob
Ye Olde Knob Part
Yellow Heart Knob
Yellow Heart Knob Part
yellow light
yellow light Part
yellow oven knob
yellow oven knob Part
Yellow Steel
Yellow Steel Part
Yuletide gear
Yuletide gear Part
yuletide lamp
yuletide lamp Part
Zen Rake
Zen Rake Part

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