The pages for this website are slowly changing from static pages to database driven changes. So you may see some slight differences. But this change will allow me to update the site much more quickly! And you'll receive updated information!
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- (2017 Apr 10)
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Newly added Appliances:

|| Glowing Oven || Glowing Drink Maker || Resolution Stove || Resolution Oven || North Pole Fountain 17 || North Pole Oven 17 ||

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Appliance parts chart is as updated as I can get it. I need to grab screenshots for the rest.
Updated to the most current appliance, but I still have to add the name of the recipes and parts... But the appliances are all posted!
- (2016 Nov 17)
The site is now almost completely responsive to fit your device; just a few more tweaks and it's ready. Then I start on actual content updates!
- (2016 Nov 9)
Friend Finder forms have been fixed!!!
- (2016 Nov 5)
What happened to fantasy forest story? I really liked that page and used it a lot. Please bring it back. Pretty please

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Re-enabled the Donate Option as some people have requested it. Donations really help and there will be paid access/content coming :). I apologize, but it has come time where support from the users really count!
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Please, check here for new appliances as I work through the website for database conversion! After November, no new appliances will be added (to this (stm.gamerologizm) site) until databases are complete. They will still be added at the link provided though (mode.gamerologizm). Trust me, after this, the updates will come easier for me, and quickly for you! [just check out the Dragon page :) ]

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