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I won't be able to do any updates from Oct 5 - Oct 14. Limited access to my laptop. Please send screenshots as I most likely won't be able to finish the goals for that week :/.

Thank you for all the views! Gamerologizm has reached 15 million page views!! Do you remember when the site was called Sehana Fortress? Then the name changed to Supreme Dynasty, and now... Gamerologizm! Thank you for sticking around! -- Sehana

Living in Phoenix, AZ, no cool AC for 2 whole weeks = __________ (Fill in the blank) O.O

Sometimes, I don't complete goals as fast, so sending screenshots help to provide the information more quickly :)

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Maintenance/Currently Updating Maintenance/Currently Updating, the website is still functional. Intermittent Updates.
Maintenance/Currently Updating Maintenance/Currently Updating, some features may not be working while I update.

Newly added Appliances:

|| Northeastern Oven || Northeastern Dispenser || Harvest Fair Stove || Harvest Fair Oven || Wonderous Oven || Wicked Oven B ||

Next Update? (estimate) -- Oct 24 (15 days) . Nov 7 (5 days) .

Use the ( Fruit Cake ) - 2 hrs, not ( Fruitcake ) - 1 hr

Thank you Ms. H___ for sending screenshots!

Sorry, I don't know if the Marshmallow Chicks will either go back to the Candy Hatchery when the goal is complete or will it remain in the Basic Oven.

I have been playing adventure type games for years, and was very frustrated and deleted apps on a regular basis once I felt I had either spent to much money or could not get any further in the game. One day, a "neighbor" in Dragon Story told me to look at the Supreme Dynasty website. I was skeptical because I had tried this type of website before and they were either not user friendly or more frustrating than helpful. After about 8 months of using this site, I have to say I am just as addicted to this site as I am to the games! I re-downloaded most of my games that this website supports and have been having so much fun playing them again. In short, Kim has created an excellent resource that is very user friendly and ANY company that hits her to build and maintain a company website, would be attaining an excellent asset that would surely pay off. I am a teacher, and if I could afford it, I would hire her to teach me, and other teachers web design like this to help student reach their college goals. There are endless ways to put Kims great skills to use. The supreme dynasty site is simply amazing. Thanks Sehana

How did you hear about Gamerologizm?

Gamerologizm database and websites are provided to the public for free. Nobody or entity is paying me for the work I do to keep this site up. All developments are done in my free time (what little there is between work, higher education, and family). If you find Gamerologizm useful, please consider contributing :) . Remember, I am only ONE person :).

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Add: celtic94
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My ID: Sehana

Bakery Name: SupremeDynasty (name of old website)

I don't tip often; mostly silent tipper. I try to gift when I can. More active around goals. I barely finish goals. Always accept requests. I try to gift the parts you need, but time is not always on my side. I need gifting neighbors. I accept all friend requests, because I know how hard it can be finding neighbors that will accept people starting out. I also occasionally delete neighbors if it's been a while since activity; No real sure way of telling though. Sometimes I accidentally delete a good neighbor because of delays (or fat fingers :/ ), so I apologize. Definitely add me again! Videos are done when I can for those who were asking :).

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Storm8 will occasionally re-release unlocked items and appliances.

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Parts List

List all appliances based on a part selected.

There are 311 Appliances parts.

Acorn Knob
Acorn Knob Part
alley invite
alley invite Part
Amethyst Knob
Amethyst Knob Part
aqua bunny bag
aqua bunny bag Part
autumn bolt
autumn bolt Part
autumn booklet
autumn booklet Part
bakers spring
bakers spring Part
Bakery Gems
Bakery Gems Part
Balloon Grate
Balloon Grate Part
Bamboo Sheet
Bamboo Sheet Part
Banana Stand
Banana Stand Part
banquet balloons
banquet balloons Part
Barrel Part
Bat Air Freshener
Bat Air Freshener Part
Beach Bolt Nut
Beach Bolt Nut Part
Big City Brick
Big City Brick Part
Birthstone Bolt
Birthstone Bolt Part
Black Iron Cauldron
Black Iron Cauldron Part
Blue Barrel
Blue Barrel Part
blue camera
blue camera Part
blue french horn
blue french horn Part
Blue Lights
Blue Lights Part
Blue Motor
Blue Motor Part
blue pacifier
blue pacifier Part
blue quill
blue quill Part
Bolt of Diamond
Bolt of Diamond Part
Bone Bolt
Bone Bolt Part
Bone Gear
Bone Gear Part
Brass Latch
Brass Latch Part
bread dough
bread dough Part
bread flour
bread flour Part
bread tray
bread tray Part
Brick Part
Bright Bolt
Bright Bolt Part
Bubble Brackets
Bubble Brackets Part
Bunny Ears
Bunny Ears Part
butterfly pea flower tea
butterfly pea flower tea Part
campfire logs
campfire logs Part
Candy Corn Knob
Candy Corn Knob Part
Carrot Knob B
Carrot Knob B Part
celebration balloons
celebration balloons Part
Charter Part
Cheesecloth Part
cherries Part
cherry bunny bag
cherry bunny bag Part
Chili Pepper
Chili Pepper Part
Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Chips Part
chocolate gear
chocolate gear Part
Chocolate Rose
Chocolate Rose Part
Chocolate Screw
Chocolate Screw Part
cinnamon graham
cinnamon graham Part
Clay Brick
Clay Brick Part
Coin Part
Color Bolt
Color Bolt Part
Cookie Cog
Cookie Cog Part
Cooler Ice
Cooler Ice Part
Cooling Coil
Cooling Coil Part
Cooling Fuse
Cooling Fuse Part
Coral Coils
Coral Coils Part
Corn Cob Pipe
Corn Cob Pipe Part
Cross Pipe
Cross Pipe Part
cuckoo bee
cuckoo bee Part
Drainage Part
drink pamphlet
drink pamphlet Part
Drip Bowl
Drip Bowl Part
Drumsticks Part
Espresso Tamper
Espresso Tamper Part
fair cog
fair cog Part
fair coil
fair coil Part
fair oven booklet
fair oven booklet Part
fair stove manual
fair stove manual Part
Fall Cookie Pan
Fall Cookie Pan Part
Fall Faucet
Fall Faucet Part
fall twist knob
fall twist knob Part
Fastener Part
Feather Tickler
Feather Tickler Part
festival bracelet
festival bracelet Part
festival fire
festival fire Part
festival lamp
festival lamp Part
festival spot
festival spot Part
Firewood Part
Firework Fuses
Firework Fuses Part
Flag Knob
Flag Knob Part
Flavor Button
Flavor Button Part
Floaty Tube
Floaty Tube Part
Flower Knob
Flower Knob Part
flower marigold
flower marigold Part
Flower Oven Cog
Flower Oven Cog Part
Flower Pot
Flower Pot Part
Fondant Fuse
Fondant Fuse Part
Food Color
Food Color Part
Freezer Shelf
Freezer Shelf Part
Frosted Glass
Frosted Glass Part
Frosty Handle
Frosty Handle Part
Frozen Element
Frozen Element Part
Frozen Fuse B
Frozen Fuse B Part
Fryer Hose
Fryer Hose Part
Fuel Injector
Fuel Injector Part
Fuse Part
G Clef Note
G Clef Note Part
Garden Gloves
Garden Gloves Part
Garden Hand Rake
Garden Hand Rake Part
Garden Rake
Garden Rake Part
Gas Tank
Gas Tank Part
Gauge Part
gear Part
Gear of Hearts
Gear of Hearts Part
Ghost Gear
Ghost Gear Part
Glass Piece
Glass Piece Part
Glowing Lantern
Glowing Lantern Part
Gold Star Knob
Gold Star Knob Part
gold trumpet
gold trumpet Part
Golden Knob B
Golden Knob B Part
Grapefruit Dial
Grapefruit Dial Part
gravestone Part
Gravitational Nozzle
Gravitational Nozzle Part
Greek Knob B
Greek Knob B Part
green camera
green camera Part
Green Lights
Green Lights Part
green mint tea
green mint tea Part
green quill
green quill Part
Guitar Pick
Guitar Pick Part
Gumdrops Part
gummy candy
gummy candy Part
hard candy
hard candy Part
Hay Bale
Hay Bale Part
Headstone Knob
Headstone Knob Part
Heating Coil
Heating Coil Part
hexed bolt
hexed bolt Part
hit note
hit note Part
honey bee
honey bee Part
Honeycomb Part
Hot Air Hood
Hot Air Hood Part
Ice Flake Gear
Ice Flake Gear Part
Ice Flake Knob
Ice Flake Knob Part
Icicle Part
Icy Flame
Icy Flame Part
Igniters Part
Illuminated Tubing
Illuminated Tubing Part
Iron Brace
Iron Brace Part
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot Part
Iron Knob
Iron Knob Part
Italian Knob
Italian Knob Part
Jack o Knob
Jack o Knob Part
Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger Part
July Coil
July Coil Part
jungle knob
jungle knob Part
Kindling Part
knob Part
lane polish
lane polish Part
lavender bunny bag
lavender bunny bag Part
leprechaun cable
leprechaun cable Part
leprechaun coinage
leprechaun coinage Part
leprechaun paint
leprechaun paint Part
leprechaun screw
leprechaun screw Part
light my candle
light my candle Part
lime bunny bag
lime bunny bag Part
Logs Part
Lollipop Part
Lotus Brown
Lotus Brown Part
love notes
love notes Part
Lovely Mitts
Lovely Mitts Part
Loving Nozzle
Loving Nozzle Part
Lucky Clover
Lucky Clover Part
Lump of Coal
Lump of Coal Part
Lunar Knob
Lunar Knob Part
magic snowball
magic snowball Part
Maple Planks
Maple Planks Part
Maracas Part
Marble Chunk
Marble Chunk Part
marshmallow knob
marshmallow knob Part
mason bee
mason bee Part
metal sheet
metal sheet Part
Mexican Flag
Mexican Flag Part
mixing screw
mixing screw Part
mixing whisk
mixing whisk Part
Mortar Part
Motor Part
No Parts
No Parts Part
North Pole Nail
North Pole Nail Part
nozzle Part
Opalescent Sheet
Opalescent Sheet Part
orange camera
orange camera Part
Orange Knob
Orange Knob Part
orchid oven manual
orchid oven manual Part
orchid swirler manual
orchid swirler manual Part
orchid switch
orchid switch Part
Oven Element
Oven Element Part
Oven Light
Oven Light Part
Paddle Hook
Paddle Hook Part
paint Part
Painted Coil
Painted Coil Part
Painted Egg
Painted Egg Part
party balloons
party balloons Part
peachy mixer manual
peachy mixer manual Part
peachy mixer spring
peachy mixer spring Part
peachy oven knob
peachy oven knob Part
peachy oven manual
peachy oven manual Part
pearly book
pearly book Part
pearly texts
pearly texts Part
Perlite Spring
Perlite Spring Part
Pilgrim Hat Plug
Pilgrim Hat Plug Part
Pilgrim Turkey
Pilgrim Turkey Part
pin paint
pin paint Part
Pink Fuse
Pink Fuse Part
Pink Gem Knob
Pink Gem Knob Part
Pink Paint Can
Pink Paint Can Part
Pink Rose Knob
Pink Rose Knob Part
Plane Tickets
Plane Tickets Part
Planetary Gear
Planetary Gear Part
Potent Potion
Potent Potion Part
Prismatic Fuse
Prismatic Fuse Part
Pumpkin Pump
Pumpkin Pump Part
purple camera
purple camera Part
purple quill
purple quill Part
purple tea
purple tea Part
Quaint Coil
Quaint Coil Part
Quaint Knob
Quaint Knob Part
Raspberry Dial
Raspberry Dial Part
red french horn
red french horn Part
Red Knob dial
Red Knob dial Part
Red Leaf Gear
Red Leaf Gear Part
Red Paint
Red Paint Part
red petals
red petals Part
Red Potion
Red Potion Part
red quill
red quill Part
red rooibos tea
red rooibos tea Part
Red Thread
Red Thread Part
Roller Panel
Roller Panel Part
Rose Gold Filigree
Rose Gold Filigree Part
Rose Gold Fuse
Rose Gold Fuse Part
Rose Pan
Rose Pan Part
Rose Petals
Rose Petals Part
Sack of Flour
Sack of Flour Part
Santa Mitten
Santa Mitten Part
Santas Hat
Santas Hat Part
Saturn Screw
Saturn Screw Part
Sax Part
Sceptre Gauge
Sceptre Gauge Part
score sheet
score sheet Part
Screw Part
Separator Part
Shake Bolt
Shake Bolt Part
Shamrock Part
Sheet Music
Sheet Music Part
shindig balloons
shindig balloons Part
shoreline gear
shoreline gear Part
shoreline oven manual
shoreline oven manual Part
shoreline screw
shoreline screw Part
shoreline stove manual
shoreline stove manual Part
Silver Screw
Silver Screw Part
silver trumpet
silver trumpet Part
Singer Screw
Singer Screw Part
skull pumpkin
skull pumpkin Part
Skull Screw
Skull Screw Part
Sliced Banana
Sliced Banana Part
snow globe
snow globe Part
snowball Part
Snowflake Part
Snowflake Gear
Snowflake Gear Part
Snowflake Knob
Snowflake Knob Part
snowman Part
Snowy Board
Snowy Board Part
Snowy Knob
Snowy Knob Part
Sombrero Part
sour candy
sour candy Part
spellbound screw
spellbound screw Part
spring Part
Spring Flower
Spring Flower Part
Spring Handle
Spring Handle Part
Starry Nut
Starry Nut Part
Steam Part
Steel Girder
Steel Girder Part
Steel Knob
Steel Knob Part
sticky candy
sticky candy Part
Stone Pan
Stone Pan Part
Stone Plate
Stone Plate Part
Sugar Knob B
Sugar Knob B Part
Sun Knob
Sun Knob Part
sweet bee
sweet bee Part
Sweetheart Knob
Sweetheart Knob Part
Tartan Fabric
Tartan Fabric Part
Tea Kettle
Tea Kettle Part
Tea Leaves
Tea Leaves Part
Tea Strainer
Tea Strainer Part
through the heart
through the heart Part
Timer Part
Tinted Flame
Tinted Flame Part
track tie
track tie Part
Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest Part
Trick Handle
Trick Handle Part
Tulip Part
Turkey Decor
Turkey Decor Part
Turkey Feather
Turkey Feather Part
Vampire Cape
Vampire Cape Part
Vintage Mixing Blade
Vintage Mixing Blade Part
visiting spirit
visiting spirit Part
Wagon Wheel B
Wagon Wheel B Part
Wax Parchment
Wax Parchment Part
wheel grease
wheel grease Part
wicked construction manual
wicked construction manual Part
Winter Branches
Winter Branches Part
Wire Whip
Wire Whip Part
Wiring Part
Witch Cauldron
Witch Cauldron Part
Witches Brew
Witches Brew Part
wonderous workbook manual
wonderous workbook manual Part
Wood Bowl
Wood Bowl Part
Workshop Wrench
Workshop Wrench Part
Yellow Knob
Yellow Knob Part

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