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With the small amount of time I have, I won't be able to unlock the Goal Completion Recipe as much (Loretta's Oven/3rd appl. in Restaurant). I also don't want to purchase gems just to complete goals. Restaurant & Bakery have become almost a full-time job :(. Apologies in advance!

I will be updating tomorrow MST. Apologies, life has thrown an obstacle, so updates and game play have been slow to non-existent. I'll be busy with work all year on some projects, so I will try the best I can!

after some much needed rest from being sick, I was able to update RB tonight. Still slightly sick, but managed to get it updated. Apologies for the delay.

Sometimes, I don't complete goals as fast, so sending screenshots help to provide the information more quickly :)

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Maintenance/Currently Updating Maintenance/Currently Updating, some features may not be working while I update.
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I hate.... I hate the new timing of goal releases!!! :( :(

I've updated the predicted goal dates, it's not 100\%, but this is what I estimate they will be.

Can't keep up with the updates with these new amounts :( So I apologize if I don't have all the images. Not trying to spend a lot on gems :(


Do you plan on updating the more current stoves to show the parts they require? Right now there are only question marks shown. Or do you know where I can find that information? Thank you in advance.

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Restaurant Name: SupremeDynasty (name of old website)

I don't tip often; mostly silent tipper.

Gifting: I try to gift when I can. More active around goals; I barely finish goals. I accept/send the 2nd appliance parts on the 2nd or 3rd day of the goal. Always accept requests. I try to gift the parts you need, but time is not always on my side. I need gifting neighbors.

Neighbors: I accept all friend requests, because I know how hard it can be finding neighbors that will accept people starting out. I also occasionally delete neighbors when neighbors reach 400+ and if it's been a while since activity; No real sure way of telling when though. Sometimes I accidentally delete good neighbors because of delays (or fat fingers :/ ), so I apologize. Definitely add me again!

Videos are done when I can for those who were asking :).

Blocking: Sometimes you may receive a message that you've been blocked. Please do not be alarmed or offended. I use the block feature to clear my wall and is only temporary. I unblock when I finish, but sometimes I forget to do that, so please forgive me!

Latest Video Nov 18, 2021

Just starting Goal 2021-11-18

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Message Board
- Anyone else going crazy with the new goal format? I’m wasting hard earned gems just to get through ????
MzDLish - Add MzDLish on Restaurant and Bakery Story if you are a daily player that tip and gift goal and basic parts. Silent daily players welcome
MzDLish - Add MzDLish on Restaurant and Bakery Story if you are a daily player that tip and gift goal and basic parts. Silent daily players welcome
- I was looking through the gifts & noticed a few oven manuals & recipe manual gift options. Will these allow access to the ovens or recipes they are for?
- Does any one else have trouble finishing the goals since RS changed the amount of dishes you have to cook/, 40 dishes at 10 hours to cook each?

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Action Chef Stove
Action Ice Cream
Affluent Oven
Amore Stove
Amourous Oven
Ancient Sands Stove
Antique Oven
Artisanal Oven
Asian Fusion Cart
Autumn Oven R
Autumn Stove
Avocado Prep Counter
Avocado Stove
Award Stove
Bacon Fryer
Bacon Press
Bamboo Steamer
Bao Cart
Bao Steamer
Barbaro Oven
Barnyard Oven
Barnyard Stove
Basic Drink Machine
Basic Grill R
Basic Oven R
Basic Stove R
Basic Stove R
Bastille Stove
BBQ Stove
Bewitched Oven
Big Brick Oven
Big Brick Stove
Birthday Party Oven
Bite Sized Oven
Blooming Range
Blue Spring Oven
Boutique Stove
Bright Bloom Oven
Bright Luck Stove
Brunch Bloom Oven
Burger Grill
Butcher Block
Cabin Drink Maker
Cabin Oven
Cactus Oven
Cafeteria Oven
Cajun Oven
Cajun Stove
Campy Cooker
Candy Heart Stove
Carnival Stove
Cast Iron Stove
Cauldron Oven
Charcoal Rotisserie
Charming Grill
Charming Oven
Chestnut Roaster
Chilling Stove
Chimney Stove
Chinese Dessert Oven
Choco Dipper
Choco Maker
Chocolate Maker
Chocolate Stove
Christmas Feast Oven
City Fountain
City Oven
Classic Grill
Clover Oven
Cocoa Maker R
Coconut Fountain
Comfortable Range
Comfy Classic Oven
Comfy Stove
Confection Lab
Country Grill
Country Oven
Cowboy Stove
Cozy Oven
Crab Grill
Creepy Crawly Grill
Creepy Crawly Oven
Creepy Oven
Creepy Stove
Cruise Ship Stove
Cupids Fountain
Cupids Oven
Cursed Coral Oven
Dark Drink Maker
Dark Luck Oven
Decadent Stove
Decorated Oven
Decorated Stove
Deli Oven
Deli Station
Dim Sum Stove
Dining Car Stove
Dirndl Stove
Drink Station
Drum Set Oven
Easy Grill R
Easy Oven R
Easy Stove R
Egg Boiler
Egg Dyer
Egg Stove
Eire Oven
Eire Stove
Enchanted Oven
Enchanted Stove
Faerie Fountain
Fairground Cooler
Fairground Frier
Fairytale Stove
Fall Field Oven
Fall Oven R
Feast Oven
Feast Stove
Feaster Oven
Feaster Stove
Feeding Frenzy Stove
Feline Stove
Festival Oven
Fine Oven
Fine Stove
Finest Oven
Finest Stove
Fire Pit Grill
Firecracker Grill
Firecracker Oven
Firefly Oven
Firefly Stove
Firework Oven R
Firework Stove R
Fish Stand
Folk Oven
Fondue for Two
Food Cart Grill
Food Lab Oven
Food Lab Stove
Food Replicator
Founders Oven
Free Range Grill
Free Range Stove
Fresh Block
Frosty Fountain
Frosty Oven
Frozen Lake Fountain
Frozen Lake Stove
Fruit Bar
Fusion Sashimi Block
Garden Oven
Garden Oven R
Garden Stove
Gas Grill
Gas Stove
Ghostly Fountain
Ghostly Stove
Gift Box Stove
Glowing Drink Maker
Glowing Oven
Grannys Oven
Grannys Stove
Grassy Drink Machine
Grassy Oven
Grassy Stove
Grateful Oven
Grateful Stove
Gratitude Oven
Grecian Oven
Grecian Psykter
Grecian Stove
Greek Oven
Green Christmas Stove
Grill Brick
Halftime Oven
Halloween Candy Station
Hand Painted Stove
Handmade Oven
Harvest Oven R
Harvest Stove
Haunted Oven
Hay Harvest Stove
High Sea Stove
Holiday Drink Machine
Holiday Stove
Homemade Mixer
Homemade Oven
Honey Oven
Honey Stove
Hot Air Stove
Hot Dog Stand
Hot Rod Stove
Ice Cream Machine
Igloo Oven
Infused Water Fountain
Its Fry Day
Jack O Lantern Fountain
Jack OStove
Jack Oven
Jet Black Oven
Jigsaw Box
Jigsaw Oven
Jigsaw Stove
Jolly Roger Oven
Juice Machine
July Oven
Kentucky Stove
Kids Kitchen Set
Kitty Oven
La Mar Oven
Lab Stove
Lace Oven
Land Stove
Leaf Oven
Lemonade Fountain
Library Oven
Library Snack Station
Library Stack Station
Library Stove
Love Boat Stove
Love Potion Mixer
Lovely Stove
Luau Oven
Luau Refresher
Lunar Liquids
Lunar Range
Lunchbox Stove
Lunisolar Stove
Malted Shake Maker
Manhattan Oven
Maple Stove
Marine Oven
Marquee Oven
Masala Stove
Mason Jar Oven
Mason Jar Stove
Midnight Cooler
Midnight Oven
Mint Green Retro Blender
Mint Green Retro Cart
Mint Green Retro Mixer
Modern Pizza Oven
Monster Oven
Monster Stove
Mushroom Grow
Mushroom Oven
Mushroom Stove
Mystery Machine
Nacho Machine
New Year Cart
Nice Cream Cooler
Nonnas Stove
Nori Machine
North Pole Fountain 17
North Pole Oven
North Pole Oven 17
Nuptial Oven
Nuptial Stove
Oasis Fountain
Old Fashion Oven
Old Fashion Stove
Old West Oven
Ominous Obsidian Oven
On Sale Oven
Open Fire
Orange Deep Fryer
Ornamental Oven
Outback Oven
Outdone Oven
Outdoor Grill
Outdoor Range
Oven of Light
Overnight Oven
Panini Oven
Paraiso Oven
Paris Oven
Paris Stove
Party Gras Oven
Party Gras Station
Party Gras Stove
Pastel Oven
Peanut Boiler
Peanut Oven
Peanut Stove
Penguin Ice
Penguin Server
Picnic Oven
Picnic Stove
Planters Fruit Box
Planters Veggie Box
Popcorn Maker
Posessed Drink Machine
Posh Pink Oven
Prepped Oven
Prepped Stove
Pretty Petal Oven
Pretzel Stand
Pub Stove
Pumpkin Spice Maker
Pumpkin Spice Stove
Quaint Oven
Quaint Stove R
Ranch Range
Red Christmas Oven
Reel Oven
Reel Stove
Resolute Stove
Resolution Oven
Resolution Stove
Retro Oven
Retro Stove
Riverboat Oven
Roman Oven
Romantic Cooler
Romantic Oven
Romantic Stove
Root Beer Barrel
Root Beer Oven
Rose Resort Stove
Route 1 Grille
Route 1 Oven
Ruby Red oven
Rustic Pizza Oven
Salad Station
Saloon Stove
Sandwich Station
Sandy Oven
Sandy Stove
Sapphire Oven
School Bus Stove
Sea Oven
Seashell Oven
Seashell Stove
Seaside Grill
Seaside Prep Table
Shamrock Oven
Shamrock Stove R
Shark Tooth Oven
Shell Oven
Shining Spring Oven
Shiny Stalk Stove
Shiny Stove
Skillet Stove
Slumber Party Oven
Slumber Party Stove
Slushy Machine
Smoker House
Smoker Pit
Smokey Stove
Snow Machine
Soda Stream
Solar Drink Machine
Solar Oven
Solstice Stove
Sour Oven
Spanish Mixer
Spanish Stove
Special Treat Machine
Sphinx Fountain
Spooky Stone Stove
Spring Stove
Starlight Grill
Starlight Oven
Starry Oven
Starshine Stove
Steampunk Oven
Stone Oven
Stormy Stove
Sunken Stove
Sunset Grill
Sunset Oven
Super Sorbet Freezer
Superb Smoker
Sushi Counter
Sweater Stove
Swedish Stove
Sweet Shot Oven
Sydney Stove
Taco bout Awesome
Take Out Fryer
Take Out Oven
Tart Fountain
Tasty Oven
Tea Dispenser
Thankfeast Oven
Thankfeast Stove
Thankful Oven
Thankful Stove
Thanksgiving Barbeque
The Wall Stove
Theater Oven
Tiki Oven
Top Degree Oven
Topiary Drink Machine
Topiary Stove
Trick or Treat Bag
Trick or Treat Bowl
Turducken Fryer
Turkey Cooker
Turkey Fryer
Turkey Oven
Turkey Stove
Tuscan Cooker
Valedictorian Stove
Vamp Fountain
Vegan Stove
Vintage Juicer
Wake Up Station
Werewolf Stove
Wheat Stove
Wicked Oven
Windy Oven
Winter Furnace
Winter Wonder Dispenser
Winter Wonder Stove
Wisteria Oven
Wisteria Stove
Witchs Brew
Witchs Cauldron
Witchs Stove
Witchy Stove
Wood Burning Oven
Wood Smoker
Workshop Stove
Wrap Bar
Ye Olde Stove
Yellow Bus Oven
Yellow Coffee Maker
Yule Oven
Yule Stove
Yulelog Oven
Yuletide Oven R
Yuletide Stove R
Zombie Oven

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