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If you play Darkness Rises, join my guild please :) [Guild: GSDynasty]

sorry about the updates, caught up in real life at the moment ;/

Marshmallow Chicks is temporarily on the basic oven for the side goal

Sometimes, I don't complete goals as fast, so sending screenshots help to provide the information more quickly :)

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Maintenance/Currently Updating Maintenance/Currently Updating, some features may not be working while I update.

Newly added Appliances:

|| Barnyard Oven || Barnyard Stove || Sydney Stove || Outback Oven || Top Degree Oven || Valedictorian Stove ||

Next Update? (estimate) -- Jun 27 (15 days) . Jul 11 (5 days) .

Thank you Ms. H___ for sending screenshots!

Sorry, I don't know if the Marshmallow Chicks will either go back to the Candy Hatchery when the goal is complete or will it remain in the Basic Oven.

Marshmallow Chicks is temporarily on the basic oven for the side goal

Excellent guide. Very user friendly
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Comment: I gift parts and return requests DAILY, but not an active tipper. New goals need more neighbors to complete.

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Sunset Oven Appliance
Eire Stove Appliance
Juice Machine Appliance
City Fountain Appliance
Wood Burning Oven Appliance
Manhattan Oven Appliance
Cupids Oven Appliance
Slushy Machine Appliance
Witchs Stove Appliance
Harvest Stove Appliance
Halftime Oven Appliance
Sushi Counter Appliance
Frozen Lake Fountain Appliance
Food Lab Stove Appliance
Feaster Oven Appliance
North Pole Fountain 17 Appliance
Vamp Fountain Appliance
Yule Oven Appliance
Tea Dispenser Appliance
Charcoal Rotisserie Appliance
Nori Machine Appliance
Greek Oven Appliance
Mardi Gras Oven Appliance
Malted Shake Maker Appliance
Bastille Stove Appliance
Ice Cream Machine Appliance
Leaf Oven Appliance
Mason Jar Stove Appliance
BBQ Stove Appliance
City Oven Appliance

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