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If you play Darkness Rises, join my guild please :) [Guild: GSDynasty]

sorry about the updates, caught up in real life at the moment ;/

Marshmallow Chicks is temporarily on the basic oven for the side goal

Sometimes, I don't complete goals as fast, so sending screenshots help to provide the information more quickly :)

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Use the ( Fruit Cake ) - 2 hrs, not ( Fruitcake ) - 1 hr

Thank you Ms. H___ for sending screenshots!

Sorry, I don't know if the Marshmallow Chicks will either go back to the Candy Hatchery when the goal is complete or will it remain in the Basic Oven.

I love all the items in the Cat Box :3 I was wondering if the game developers could also make a cat-themed appliance and bakery items for goals?
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5 Results

Strawberry Crepe
Strawberry Crepe Recipe
Basic Oven R
Appliance - Basic Oven R
Req.Level: 0
RD: 2010-01-03
$ -850
x 675
2.00 hrs
45 XP
$ +2700
Basic Oven R
Chicken Alfredo
Chicken Alfredo Recipe
Basic Oven R
Appliance - Basic Oven R
Req.Level: 0
RD: 2010-01-01
$ -800
x 625
2.00 hrs
43 XP
$ +2500
Basic Oven R
Berry Pie
Berry Pie Recipe
Basic Oven R
Appliance - Basic Oven R
Req.Level: 0
RD: 2010-01-10
$ -400
x 325
2.00 hrs
31 XP
$ +1300
Basic Oven R
Autumn Cheesecake
Autumn Cheesecake Recipe
Basic Oven R
Appliance - Basic Oven R
Req.Level: 0
RD: 2010-01-01
$ -390
x 300
2.00 hrs
41 XP
$ +1200
Basic Oven R
Gobble Up Cupcakes
Gobble Up Cupcakes Recipe
Basic Oven R
Appliance - Basic Oven R
Req.Level: 0
RD: 2010-01-10
$ -350
x 275
2.00 hrs
37 XP
$ +1100
Basic Oven R

Looking for Bakery Recipes? Search [basic oven] in Bakery.

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