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Sorry about the updates, RL (Real Life) has got me really busy

Sorry if items look funny or out of place. I'm cleaning up some code, so please refresh regularly. Thank you :)

Most items updated now :)

Sometimes, I don't complete goals as fast, so sending screenshots help to provide the information more quickly :)

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Newly added Appliances:

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Next Update? (estimate) -- Feb 21 (15 days) . Mar 7 (5 days) .

With the changes in Restaurant & Bakery regarding the goals, updates may take a little longer than expected. I also have some real-life things that are going on, please be patient :).

All Recipes have been added to the database!! If I'm missing something please let me know.

There’s an error on the bakery sheet on profit for type o in the coffin machine. The cost is 5960 not 2960 as stated making the profit much less
All fixed :) Thank you for letting me know!
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Snack Cooler

Appliance - Snack Cooler
Snack Cooler
Appliance - Snack Cooler
 TL Part paint
 TL Part Charter
 TL Part Cooler Ice
 TL Part
paint, Charter, Cooler Ice,
c: - RD: 2018-03-27 Goal

There are 3 recipes for this appliance.

Salted Caramel Pudding
Salted Caramel Pudding Recipe
Snack Cooler
Appliance - Snack Cooler
Req.Level: 0
RD: 2018-03-27
$ -800
x 300
1.00 hrs
29 XP
$ +1500
Snack Cooler
Frozen Cocoa Cheesecake
Frozen Cocoa Cheesecake Recipe
Snack Cooler
Appliance - Snack Cooler
Req.Level: 0
RD: 2018-03-27
$ -1120
x 450
3.00 hrs
72 XP
$ +2250
Snack Cooler
Matzoh Fridge Cake
Matzoh Fridge Cake Recipe
Snack Cooler
Appliance - Snack Cooler
Req.Level: 0
RD: 2018-03-27
$ -1540
x 650
5.00 hrs
83 XP
$ +3250
Snack Cooler

Alice Oven
Appliance - Alice Oven
RD: 2016-04-01
bkry - See Details
Chocolate Raspberry
Appliance - Chocolate Raspberry
RD: 2016-07-16
bkry - See Details
Succulent Fountain
Appliance - Succulent Fountain
RD: 2018-05-01
bkry - See Details
Hay Bale Fountain
Appliance - Hay Bale Fountain
RD: 2015-11-10
bkry - See Details

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