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So Storm8 was able to recover my account. Buuuuuut...... I lost all my neighbors when it was recovered! My gold gifters on Dragon :(, Bakery neighbors, and FForest friends :(. So please add me :) ID is: Sehana
I can't log in!! :( My game loaded a different ID, and I can't even login using my ID and password that I havn't changed. I would appreciate any pictures that you can send so I can get these updates out in the mean time. :) :)

For now, FForest Story is not being updated. There are very few users, I'm waaaaay behind, and spreadsheet needs major update in order for me to complete FForest.

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Maintenance/Currently Updating Maintenance/Currently Updating, the website is still functional.
Maintenance/Currently Updating Maintenance/Currently Updating, some features may not be working while I update.

Newly added Appliances:

|| Prankster Oven || Laughter Oven || Snack Cooler || Engine Block Stove || Chroma Stove || Color Oven ||

All recipes page is back, and is paged to help loading times on slower networks and smaller screens.
NEW TOOL based off Suggestion in the feedback! Check it out! List Appliances based of a specific part!

Also, new filters for search; Search by Month & Year.

Soooooo, I finally completed transferring all the appliance parts from static content to dynamic content!! Wooo Hooo! Now to work on the Recipes O.O !! Don't forget to leave feedback! Let me know if you like it!

You can now have a complete checklist of your appliances!


2014-10-31 12:17:17

Excellent guide. Very user friendly
Gamerologizm database and websites are provided to the public for free. Nobody or entity is paying me for the work I do to keep this site up. All developments are done in my free time (what little there is between work, higher education, and family). If you find Gamerologizm useful, please consider contributing :) . Remember, I am only one person :).
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Add: Sehana
Comment: Lost all my neighbors when my account was recovered. In need of the new trick handle part
Date: 2018-04-17 07:49:48

Add: Aldaach
Comment: Name: alda’s bakery | pls add me thx ❤️
Date: 2018-04-16 05:56:05

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Random Tips

Storm8 will occasionally re-release unlocked items and appliances.

Please, don't forget to submit feedback if you are liking the New Tools, Features, and Filters! :) Restaurant & Bakery Parts Tool. Play Guess the Dragon Game.


filter options - appliances
Do you like the new filter options, the way the pages look, or the information provided? Please submit feedback and reviews :)
All appliances are searchable! Now working on recipes.

Looking for a part? Check this tool.

Try Example: cook

Instead of "winterful oven", just try "winter". Instead of "healthy sweets machine", try "sweet"

It's best to search for part of the name instead of the whole name.

If the result is blank, try only a part of the name.

Remember, the Sonic, Easy, and Forever appliances have the same recipes as the Basic Appliance.

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Rose Gold Macarons
Rose Gold Macarons Recipe
Rose Gold Macarons Recipe
3.00 hrs
RD: 2017-12-28
Pretty Pops
Pretty Pops Recipe
Pretty Pops Recipe
3.00 hrs
RD: 2016-06-08
Strawberry Scoop
Strawberry Scoop Recipe
Strawberry Scoop Recipe
16.00 hrs
RD: 2011-06-01
Cronut Recipe
Cronut Recipe
9.00 hrs
RD: 2010-01-01
Creme Brulee
Creme Brulee Recipe
Creme Brulee Recipe
8.00 hrs
RD: 2014-02-06
Blueberry Cheesecake
Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe
Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe
12.00 hrs
RD: 2017-11-04
Too Cold Cookies
Too Cold Cookies Recipe
Too Cold Cookies Recipe
6.00 hrs
RD: 2012-03-29
Trail Mix
Trail Mix Recipe
Trail Mix Recipe
1.00 hrs
RD: 2016-01-20
Rose Gold Donuts
Rose Gold Donuts Recipe
Rose Gold Donuts Recipe
4.00 hrs
RD: 2017-12-28
Chocotini Glass
Chocotini Glass Recipe
Chocotini Glass Recipe
8.00 hrs
RD: 2015-02-05
Citrine Cupcakes
Citrine Cupcakes Recipe
Citrine Cupcakes Recipe
2.00 hrs
RD: 2010-01-01
Chocolate Soy Shake
Chocolate Soy Shake Recipe
Chocolate Soy Shake Recipe
5.00 hrs
RD: 2012-04-12

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