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So since there are over 1000 dragons, I figured it was time to create the egg chart where it's paged for faster loading times.... especially for mobile devices!!! I haven't implemented for all charts yet. Here is an example of no pages and here is the one with pages.
Come see the new pages for types.... it's much cleaner!!
Dragon Database is updated. There are still some blank spots, though. Check here in Google Spreadsheet to see which exactly are missing. You'll have to ask to be able to edit, if you want to contribute.
Egg Charts are now straight from the database instead of being static pages. It will look a little different, but still the same concept. Ver.1 shows Time and Rarity. Ver.2 shows Time, Types, and Rarity. Ver.3 shows all of the above and labels.
I couldn't get the edit/delete functions to work as intended, soooo Checklists will now be managed at Gamer Mode. You do need an account to use it. Dragons first have to exist in this list. Add the Dragon to add it to this list. If you are denied access, then you must be a Moderator to post new content. Not all dragons have been added yet. There are over 1,000 dragons!!

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best resource for team lava games I've found!

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++ Elements & Types ++
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( (Image) = combo of 4 diff. types )

( (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) )
( (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) = (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) = (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) = (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) = (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) = (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) = (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) = (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) = (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) = (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) = (Image)  (Image) )
( (Image) = Winter (Image) ) ( (Image) = (Image) Fuzzy) ( (Image) = (Image)  (Image) )

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