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Updates will be delayed for at least a month.... hopefully. I've got some things going on with family and have an issue to deal with :/. Updates may also not be as clean, meaing that images may not look as great, as I'll have to edit fairly quickly.

Sorry, we're close to finished with the kitchen, but we're now dealing with some plumbing and car issues as well, so please bear with me :) I apologize for the updates and thank you again for the patience! :)

Apologies for the updates. Since November, life has been a little hectic for me. Please bear with me :) Thank you for your patience!

Sometimes, I don't complete goals as fast, so sending screenshots help to provide the information more quickly :)

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Most recipes have been updated :)

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I find it very sad that whoever took over the storm a information page has not been keeping it updated and current

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Gifting: I try to gift when I can. More active around goals; I barely finish goals. I accept/send the 2nd appliance parts on the 2nd or 3rd day of the goal. Always accept requests. I try to gift the parts you need, but time is not always on my side. I need gifting neighbors.

Neighbors: I accept all friend requests, because I know how hard it can be finding neighbors that will accept people starting out. I also occasionally delete neighbors when neighbors reach 400+ and if it's been a while since activity; No real sure way of telling when though. Sometimes I accidentally delete good neighbors because of delays (or fat fingers :/ ), so I apologize. Definitely add me again!

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Cute Camp Oven

Cute Camp Oven
Appliance - Cute Camp Oven
 TL Part cutsey screw
 TL Part cutsey cable
 TL Part
 TL Part
cutsey screw, cutsey cable, ,
c: 35000 - RD: 2020-07-30 Goal

There are 3 recipes for this appliance.

Bonfire Cupcake
Bonfire Cupcake Recipe
Cute Camp Oven
Appliance - Cute Camp Oven
Req.Level: 0
RD: 2020-07-30
$ -1220
x 475
2.00 hrs
48 XP
$ +1900
Cute Camp Oven
Goal Limited
Tab: | Lvl: 0
Campe Waffle Cake
Campe Waffle Cake Recipe
Cute Camp Oven
Appliance - Cute Camp Oven
Req.Level: 0
RD: 2020-07-30
$ -1380
x 550
3.00 hrs
59 XP
$ +2200
Cute Camp Oven
Goal Limited
Tab: | Lvl: 0
Campfire Cone
Campfire Cone Recipe
Cute Camp Oven
Appliance - Cute Camp Oven
Req.Level: 0
RD: 2020-07-30
$ -1540
x 650
5.00 hrs
83 XP
$ +2600
Cute Camp Oven
Goal Limited
Tab: | Lvl: 0

Reds Oven
Appliance - Reds Oven
RD: 2020-01-02
Goal Limited Build
bkry - See Details
Topsy Oven
Appliance - Topsy Oven
RD: 2020-10-08
Goal Limited Build
bkry - See Details
Tempering Marble
Appliance - Tempering Marble
RD: 2018-05-17
Goal Build
bkry - See Details
Campy Cute Stove
Appliance - Campy Cute Stove
RD: 2020-07-30
Goal Limited Build
bkry - See Details
Appliance - Cute Camp Oven

(Work in progress)

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Appliance - Campy Cute Stove Appliance - Cute Camp Oven
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Barnyard Oven B Appliance
Barnyard Stove B Appliance
Campy Cute Stove Appliance
Cute Camp Oven Appliance

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