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2014-01-30 00:00:00

Nicely done.

I'll be mostly without a laptop on the dates above and will not be able to update and make edits. So send me screenshots, so when I get back, I'll be ready! :) :) .

Had to do a database update, please let me know if something isn't working.

Hover over appliances, recipes, and dragons to see what it is. Clicking on Appliance or Recipe will take you to the appliance page. Clicking on Dragon will take you to it's page.

Oh and I have about 200 more recipes to convert! ... Yeayyyyy!!

In the coming weeks, anyone on the friend finders from before 2016 are being archived.

Would just like to thank everyone for their support on the website and assisting me when I needed help! THANK YOU ! :) :)
Sorry week started off busy with work, school, parenting, appointments, and meetings.
So Storm8 was able to recover my account. Buuuuuut...... I lost all my neighbors when it was recovered! My gold gifters on Dragon :(, Bakery neighbors, and FForest friends :(. So please add me :) ID is: Sehana
I can't log in!! :( My game loaded a different ID, and I can't even login using my ID and password that I havn't changed. I would appreciate any pictures that you can send so I can get these updates out in the mean time. :) :)
updated Updated
Maintenance/Currently Updating Maintenance/Currently Updating, the website is still functional. Intermittent Updates.
Maintenance/Currently Updating Maintenance/Currently Updating, some features may not be working while I update.

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Fantasy Forest Story (TeamLava)

Date Entered ID Comment
2017-07-17 15:25:08 Gamerologizm Gamerologizm ; ha ha yes starting new ID for the website. I still have my personal one, Sehana!
2017-06-18 14:37:51 quakingaspenca
2017-04-02 15:21:20 quakingaspenca I really like the new layout. Thank you Kim.
2016-11-29 11:18:33 MysticDragonIsle87 Play daily
2016-11-08 03:56:21 Jess5482 Hi, I play daily & always send gifts. All friend invites accept
2016-09-03 05:42:16 Vegas5d Submitting on 9/3/2016. I am an active player fo sho
2016-08-28 22:01:45 calicokittennope entering this in august 29 2016, currently a several times a day player :)
2016-07-26 22:57:45 DragonNymph9 I log on every day so feel free to add me :)
2016-05-14 19:16:27 ysm1219
2016-05-06 22:17:11 Tr33hu993r
2016-04-30 12:14:21 pliskin257 Looking for active neighbors
2016-04-29 11:45:54 Pixzee667
2016-04-21 15:56:26 sehana
2016-02-29 09:48:54 birds1019
2016-02-29 09:48:35 birds1019
2016-02-11 12:29:04 Silverybunny I dont do a lot of visiting but I do respond to requests ASAP!
2016-01-22 05:51:35 fiztheancient fantasy forest is now on android so i can pick up my old game again :) looking for new pals! level 50
2016-01-10 07:43:12 firelady03 I am looking for neigbors
2016-01-10 07:42:25 firelady03 I am looking for neigbors
2015-12-07 10:54:06 Ysera1
2015-12-01 01:24:07 Lizd725
2015-11-23 02:11:48 rimmerballz
2015-11-21 07:51:48 Zedora5 Daily player - need 1 new friend to exchange presents with on a daily basis 😄
2015-11-17 10:15:10 apkpf1417
2015-11-09 09:18:39 mashaalla Daily player, will visit you and send gems if you do the same.
2015-11-08 07:46:08 ddsanabria Add me please
2015-11-07 09:17:27 Mythdefied Please add. Daily player.
2015-11-05 08:07:13 HolzRoller
2015-11-04 06:55:13 fantasiasdragons This is chic4stylin other account. Lvl 151 on DS. Feel free to add this account to both FF & DS. Same applies to both accounts, daily player, etc
2015-11-04 06:43:27 chic4stylin New to FF..play daily, return requests & gift! Have been playing DS for several years..lol 159. Feel free to add me on both games 😆
2015-11-04 01:31:55 SilverWhisp
2015-10-31 07:54:39 lady_saphira New to this game and looking die neighbors. Level 98 on dragon story.
2015-10-30 07:02:29 quwala
2015-10-24 02:04:49 Kericrow_luvsgummy I gift and tip daily
2015-10-04 12:58:10 Shadifern
2015-09-10 08:19:49 rimmerballz
2015-07-23 05:18:06 Kerbear00 I gift tip and help with requests daily
2015-07-09 08:31:36 Kbear3188
2015-06-15 08:46:29 Ilovecandy88 I play and gift daily.
2015-06-15 07:15:40 lasenorita28 just looking for new friends :)
2015-06-12 09:10:23 Nitro7764
2015-06-05 12:58:38 Tatesmom88
2015-05-25 04:27:34 PeggyG723 DAily player
2015-05-24 02:04:03 herpderplerpo3o Please add me I try to play every day and I gift back, I also play Fashion Story. 🐈
2015-05-14 04:32:18 modvixen Hi everyone :) Do feel free to add me if you are looking for new neighbours!
2015-04-20 06:21:25 Cookie
2015-03-24 03:45:09 Azam_ansari add me plzz
2015-02-26 09:55:45 tinseltownnn Daily player, sends gifts daily
2015-02-15 10:48:14 bluntsonly ❤️
2015-02-15 10:11:19 pari111
2015-02-15 10:10:56 pari111
2015-02-15 08:03:09 m3r3cub Play daily. Love to gift. Please add me!
2015-02-15 08:00:50 m3r3cub
2015-02-08 05:48:04 Unicorncatprincess
2015-01-21 07:14:39 Johnlikeadragons Also dragon story
2015-01-16 12:23:15 SHINeeFan23
2014-12-29 01:09:48 funkygirl21
2014-12-27 01:27:26 Cougar54 Play at least once a day.
2014-12-26 01:28:31 Tyedyehi I play most of the team lava games. I play daily, visit occasionally and always gift back.
2014-12-22 07:18:39 Sehana -- sehana
2014-12-07 03:11:39 Tempress
2014-12-07 03:10:07 A2tude
2014-12-01 10:52:31 daffodil28
2014-11-19 09:03:56 LadyKade
2014-11-19 09:02:54 Unique53 new at this game looking for friends
2014-11-19 08:56:22 Unique53 new at this game looking for friends
2014-11-16 05:29:24 Asherah123 Please add me :-)
2014-11-15 07:34:01 Jezzyfolly I play Fantasy Forest and Dragon Story. Feel free to add me.
2014-11-15 07:33:02 Jezzyfolly I play Fantasy Forest and Dragon Story. Feel free to add me.
2014-11-15 07:12:12 Jezzyfolly
2014-11-15 04:56:40 tfang1289 I visit regularly and play daily. Let us be neighbours
2014-11-15 12:18:38 Buomar2014
2014-11-13 01:08:00 Empressarcana
2014-11-13 12:34:03 YasminIssa
2014-11-09 12:45:25 Orangcake
2014-11-07 11:29:22 Jeannes.Thinkin Daily Player
binkshell add binkshell for Fantasy Forest and Dragon Story
Charmeyone Looking for friends in the forest.
Hail315ey I really need some neighbors😉
PinkAngel322 This is my StormID for FF, Dragon Story and Castle Story. I play all a lot! Love to help neighbors!
Buulinh I love to help out to build play pen. I also love to gift
Bellajb007 I would like more gems!!!!!
Beece081 This is my ID for fantasy forest, dragon story, and farm story. Plz add me!
MissChaLk ✨Play FF & Dragon Story✨
Dosh2012 Looking for more friends
kitkatt7 Looking for neighbors.
MissChaLk Add MissChaLk
Mslaughter12 Add me as a neighbor
fiztheancient add please, i play daily!
Bltchlisa2 Please add me
Anastisha13 I play daily, please add me!
rosebug8 Plz add rosebug8
Jaysta11 Addicted to this game, so I play multiple times a day and send gems!
xalixy Game Center ID Xalixy, in-game name Valixy. New player.
Dapplecloud I play this game daily and always visit every one of my neighbours :)
DruadanForest Level 11+ forest with many level 10 animals and gradually expanding. Usually accept neighbours 💕
Pandataozi I like all friends ouo love to be your neighbor!
Jonathan I like this game
sehana Sehana -- SupremeDynasty.com
thumperkjh858 Add me please

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